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I am so excited you're here!  Whether you ended up on my site by accident or came here for a reason, I want you to hear these words.  Even if you read nothing else, hear this:
God loves you so much.  He is always there and has a plan for your life.  You may not always feel him strongly, but he is there, guiding you through the trials and tribulations of your life with the most compassionate and caring hand there ever was and ever will be.

A Little About Me

My name is Taylor Jordan, but you can call me Tay. 😊

I grew up in the small beach town of Melbourne, Florida and lived there for almost my entire life.  My family moved to Pennsylvania for 2 years, but when we moved back, we actually moved into our old house, so it was like we never left!  I grew up loved and cared for by an amazing mother.  My father was more of a provider than a lover, but more on that later.  I have 3 wonderful siblings who are all younger than me.  My 2 brothers are in college, one attending the University of Central Florida, my alma mater, and the other is attending Santa Fe state college with plans to transfer to the University of Florida next year.  My sister, the youngest, is currently in 11th grade and is a talented lacrosse player.  Our family has a dog named Bud and 2 cats named Zazu and Tuesday.  My family wasn't very religious.  Yes, we attended church on Christmas and Easter, but that was about it.

My parents separated with I was 16.  I quickly became a second adult in my mom's household.  I got a job to help support my mom and siblings.  While I was strong, I was so angry, and sad, and felt completely lost.  Thankfully, over the summer, I was invited by a friend to a church camp for a week.  I was skeptical, but agreed to go.  That week changed my life.  The 3rd night of the camp, the band played the song Sweetly Broken, and it broke me down completely.  I gave my life to Christ after lots of prayers and tears.  I came back home a different person than had left.  Sometimes life was tough, but with the love and support from my mom, siblings and God, I made it through everything.

I went to college at the University of Central Florida and graduated in 2015 with an Elementary Education degree.  I taught for 2.5 years in my hometown.  I love teaching with every bone in my body.  Being able to love and inspire the new generation makes my heart soar with pride.  My classes became more than just my students, they became my children.  They taught me patience, wisdom and kindness in so many ways.

In August of 2017, I went on a trip to Ireland with my best friend to help run a children's camp with the Pentecostals of Dublin.  The people and children I met during our 2 weeks in Ireland was life changing.  I had never met young people so full of God and love.  During the week of the camp my heart was totally revived in Christ and I chose to be baptized.  I was baptized in a large bathtub in the pastors house surrounded by strong men, women, and children of God.  I came out of that water feeling so at peace and full of mercy and forgiveness.  

At the beginning of 2018, I did something that I would have never thought in a million years that I would have done.  I boarded a one-way flight to the city of Guangzhou, China to teach English with Disney.  Now, I have never lived more than an hour from my family, never been on a metro, or been to a big city, let alone lived in one.  Needless to say, my decision to do this surprised my friends and family.  But, in a lot of ways, I had felt stuck in my hometown.  My soul yearned for adventure and the great unknown.  I just needed to get out of dodge for a while and explore this beautiful world God created.

So, for the last 7 months, I have been living in China and I have learned so much about myself and life.  My priorities and focus has shifted.  The things I wanted before I left have changed and I feel more like an adult than ever before.  I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand during my life in China so far.  The ability to travel has opened my eyes and heart to the struggles other countries face that as an American, I've never had to deal with.  Also, living in a country that does not allow or recognize Christianity has been one of the biggest struggles for me.  I have not been able to attend a church service since January and have not been able to connect with other Christians here.  This has taught me to reach out and rely on God's loving embrace every day.  My prayer life has become a daily activity to connect me to my faith.  I have read the Word here more than ever before.   In this season of personal growth in my relationship with Christ, I have realized the importance of community and Church. 

Not only have I relied on my friends back home to "talk Jesus' with me, but have been reading Christian blogs, listening to podcasts, and watching services online.  I decided to start this blog to give back to the community that has helped me so much.

I can't wait to share some awesome things with you!  Take a look around, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message me!  I'd love to connect with you!  And I am not just saying that.  I truly and honestly want to hear from you!

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